Woman gives birth to baby girl during Pink gig at Anfield Stadium

  • Video report by Victoria Grimes

A baby girl made a surprise appearance at Anfield Stadium in Liverpool on Tuesday night - after her mother went into labour during a Pink concert.

Denise Jones was helped through a very quick labour by two A&E doctors within minutes of Pink taking to the stage.

And although the new mum already had a first name picked out, she added a new middle name in honour of her daughter's unusual arrival.

Baby Dolly Pink is officially the first baby ever to be born in the actual stands at the Stadium - according to Anfield.

She and her mum are both doing well.

Two doctors from Whiston A&E were on hand to help. Credit: Chloe Dryhurst

The A&E doctors said it was an "amazing" experience, joking on Twitter "Mum did all the hard work, we just had to catch!"

Well it’s not your average night away from A&E, but we could not be prouder of our amazing doctors!

St Helens and Whiston Hospitals

The little girl has been named Dolly Pink - and both mum and baby are said to be doing well.

Welcome to the world, Dolly Pink! Credit: Chloe Dryhurst