Muslim girl scouts tackle century old traditions

Members of One Voice Scouts range from six to 14-years-old Credit: ITV Granada

A Muslim, girl-dominated scout group in one of Britain's most deprived towns - it's a far cry from scouting's white, male, middle class reputation. Meet One Voice Scouts, the grassroots group challenging this perception.

It became compulsory to admit girls to the Scout Association in 2007 - exactly a century after the group was founded. Today, just under 30 percent of Scouts in the North West are girls and women.

One Voice Scouts are a prime example of this change. Female members comprise 70 percent of the group.

Founded in 2014, One Voice Scouts empowers another social group not often associated with scouting. The group is majority Muslim - along with 15 other groups in the North West.

Find out how the division updates old scouting traditions in Wedaeli Chibelushi's report for ITV News: