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Teenager filmed tram-surfing while on his phone in 'exceptionally dangerous' stunt

Tram-surfing has been called Credit: MEN Media

A teenager has been filmed risking his life by "tram surfing" during Manchester's rush hour - all while talking on his mobile phone.

Transport bosses warn that the trend - which sees people riding on the outside of a moving tram - will see someone killed "sooner or later".

The footage was filmed by a passenger on board a 5pm tram from Manchester to Rochdale.

Kayman Grant, who works as a bus driver, said they hoped the boy's parents would see the footage and take action.

He added that he didn't film the boy to shame him, but to highlight the issue and his behaviour.

Credit: MEN Media

If you fall off a tram travelling at up to 30mph with two carriages behind you, there is going to be nothing left of you.

– Kayman Grant, tram passenger

His concern echoes that of transport bosses who have issued numerous warnings over the practice.

In March Transport for Greater Manchester ran a specific campaign to crack down on the practice.

tram-surfing' incidents recorded in Greater Manchester in 12 months

This type of behaviour defies logic. It is exceptionally dangerous and will, if it does not stop, end up with someone getting killed.

– Danny Vaughan, Metrolink

TfGM's head of Metrolink Danny Vaughan added that people should contact them via the help points on trams or at stops, so that they can safely bring the tram to a stop.