A midwife from Wigan who won the EuroMillions five years ago has revealed she has carried on working and still plays the lottery.

Ruth Breen, 39, won £1m after purchasing a EuroMillions Millionaire Raffle ticket in July 2014.

The mother-of-one was on her lunch break at Wigan Infirmary when she received the life-changing email:

“A little bit surreal I suppose is the best way to describe it. “It still feels incredible. I thank my lucky stars every day and I am hugely grateful.

Ruth Breen

With her winnings, Ruth was able to send her daughter to private school and reduce her hours at work, but says money doesn't buy happiness:

"It is life-changing but money definitely doesn’t buy happiness. It certainly enhances happiness and gives you choices which is definitely what I found.

"I helped my brother to buy a house, I paid off my parents' mortgage and they all get much nicer birthday and Christmas presents than they did get before."

Ruth won £1m on the EuroMillions Millionaire Raffle. Credit: Manchester Evening News.

Asked whether she continues to play the lottery, Ruth said: “Absolutely. Especially if it’s a big rollover.”

“Lightning can strike twice. There are some winners who have won big more than once, I think maybe seven. So why not?

“But one of the biggest reasons I have continued to play is because the lottery raises approximately £30m a week for good causes throughout the UK and it’s just a way of being able to give back."