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Dog 'left for dead' in woodland finds happy new home

A dog who was badly beaten and "left for dead" in woodland has now found a happy new home.

Alfie was so badly injured that vets thought he'd been hit by a car.

The Akita was blinded and left with a fractured skull, broken jaw and a spinal injury following the attack in Wigan.

Credit: MEN Media

He was looked after by the RSPCA, who say the dog "surprised us all" with his loving temper during his recovery.

Paul Gibson, branch manager said: “Alfie the Akita was found in an awful way - he was unable to stand, his face was so swollen we could not see his eyes."

Alfie's face was so swollen vets could not see his eyes. Credit: MEN Media

We were a little worried about how he would react to us, after being so betrayed by humans.

However, Alfie surprised us all; he was the most gentle and forgiving dog, wanting nothing more than a cuddle and really captured all of our hearts.

– Paul Gibson, RSPCA
It was initially thought Alfie had been hit by a car. Credit: MEN Media

Although Alfie has permanently lost his sight, he still enjoys going for walks and can navigate using his hearing.

He's now found a loving new home, with the help of Akita Rescue.