Cuadrilla to restart fracking at site in Lancashire

Credit: PA

The first company to drill for shale gas in the UK says it plans to resume fracking in Lancashire.

The controversial process at the Preston New Road site involves drilling into the ground and pumping in water and chemicals to release gas.

Fracking at the company's first well was halted multiple times at the end of 2018, because of earth tremors.

The upcoming work programme aims to demonstrate the commercial opportunity of natural gas from UK shale. Credit: PA

Cuadrilla says it wants data from this resumed effort to help convince policymakers to relax current safety rules.

At the moment, fracking must be halted if tremors measuring 0.5ML on the Richter scale are detected - a threshold the company calls "uniquely low".

More than a thousand people took part in a protest march against fracking in Lancashire after tremors at the Preston New Road site. Credit: ITV News

Francis Egan, Chief Executive Officer, said they are "looking forward to demonstrating over coming months that this remains an entirely safe and hugely exciting opportunity for the UK.”

Work will start at a second well under the current regulations.