Man who stole from woman as she had epileptic fit jailed

Credit: MEN Media

A man who stole from a woman while she lay on the pavement having an epileptic fit has been jailed.

A judge said Noel Steadman had committed a "despicable" act which would "disgust right thinking people".

CCTV from Manchester City centre showed Steadman, and another man who has not been identified, carrying the victim into an alleyway.

After laying her down, Steadman stole her iPhone and car keys - before opening her car to look for other belongings.

The victim, 39-year-old Leonora Royce, said the late night incident in Manchester city centre had "shaken me to my core".

I cannot believe that this could happen to me in the city that I love, and in the community I decided to be a part of. I cannot believe that you would do that to another person.

Leonora Royce
The court heard that Steadman was a 'prolific thief', with 75 previous convictions for 171 offences. Credit: MEN Media

The court heard that a passer by saw both suspects but believed them to be helping Mrs Royce.

The man asked Steadman whether they needed an ambulance - to which he replied "No, it's okay mate. I will sort her."

Sentencing him to 22 months in jail, Judge David Hernandez told Steadman: "Instead of helping her you went out of your way to see what you could get."

"It was clearly and blatantly dishonest, aggravated by the fact that woman was lying in the street, clearly needing help. She was vulnerable."

Noel Steadman’s actions were nothing short of despicable and I am pleased to be able to say that, as a result of the work carried out by our City Centre Team including officers from Operation Valiant, he has now been jailed. This has been a painstaking investigation for the team, and they kept the victim at the heart of everything they did in their pursuit of justice.

Chief Inspector Cherie Buttle, GMP