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Row over 'tasteless' ads for Manchester Arena attack compensation claims

A Manchester councillor has criticised a legal services firm for using the Manchester Arena bombing in a social media posts advertising compensation claims.

The advert from Cromwell Seymour read: "Manchester Arena victim? "Whether it be physical, emotional or even loss, we at Cromwell Seymour have the expertise."

Councillor Adele Douglas said it is "ambulance chasing of the worst kind".

22 people were killed and hundreds physically or psychologically injured. Credit: MEN Media

I was appalled when I saw a 'no win no fee' style compensation company using the Arena attack as part of its social media advertising, targeted specifically at Manchester residents.

Not only is this tasteless, but it could have been very distressing to those affected by the bomb if they had seen this pop up on their social media feeds.

– Councillor Adele Douglas

The bombing at the Arena claimed 22 lives and left more than 260 people injured, some extremely seriously.

600 more people reported at least psychological harm.

Under the Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme, injured victims, or the families of those killed, apply to the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority.

Those who were caught up in the terror attacks in London in June 2017 are also targeted by the firm in the campaign. Credit: MEN Media

In response, Cromwell Seymour vigorously defended its campaign and said it "took the decision to publicise this opportunity only after investigating and considering it very carefully".

The councillor may think that 'tasteless'. We personally disagree.

The tragic untold aftermath from these events is being played out on the phone on a daily basis, so if these campaigns achieve resolution and substantial compensation for victims and their families, we see no wrong with that. Quite the contrary.

– Cromwell Seymour statement