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Two men injured in drive-by shooting outside Birkenhead pub

Police are investigating after two separate shootings within hours of each other on Merseyside.

Merseyside Police said it will be using every resource available to find the offender. Credit: Merseyside Police

Two men were injured in a drive-by shooting outside a pub in Birkenhead.

Police believe two motorbikes approached a car in Argyle Street just after midnight - the pillion passenger of one of the bikes fired a gun into the car before riding off.

The car's driver and front seat passenger are being treated for wounds to the arm and shoulder - which are not thought to be life threatening.

A third person in the backseat was unharmed.

The motorbikes were last seen heading along Argyle Street towards Hamilton Square Credit: Merseyside Police

Police say there were a large number of people in the nearby Wetherspoons pub at the time.

They are urging anyone who has not yet spoken to them to come forward - and to share any mobile phone footage they may have recorded.

The actions of the offenders are utterly incomprehensible and sickening.

We need to find the people on that motorbike as a matter of urgency.

– Detective Inspector Paul Speight

Earlier in the evening a 26 year old man was arrested after a fun was fired in the Dingle - there are no reports of any injuries.