Manchester Airport's drop-off parking charge most expensive per minute in UK

Credit: ITV News

Manchester Airport's so-called 'kiss and fly' car park charge is the most expensive per minute in the country.

Four out of five UK airports have increased their fees for drivers dropping off or collecting people at airports this summer.

Figures released by the RAC, who undertook the investigation show that it costs £3 to park for five minutes, which is 60p per minute, or £4 for 10 minutes.

Eighteen of the 22 airports analysed have introduced or raised drop-off fees.

So-called kiss and fly charges - typically levied for dropping off someone as close to the terminal as possible - have increased at eight airports compared with last year.

Stansted and Luton have the most expensive initial charges at £4 for 10 minutes and 13 minutes respectively.

Most expensive short-term car parks for pick-ups:

  • Luton: £8 for 30 minutes

  • Stansted: £8 for 30 minutes

  • Birmingham: £5.50 for one hour

  • Manchester: £4.50 for 30 minutes

  • Heathrow: £4.20 for 30 minutes

  • Edinburgh: £4 for 15 minutes

  • East Midlands: £4 for 30 minutes

  • Gatwick: £4 for 30 minutes

  • London City: £3.50 for 10 minutes

  • Southend: £3 for 10 minutes

RAC spokesperson Simon Williams said:

A spokesman for the Airport Operators Association said a one of the reasons for the drop-off charges is to help manage congestion: