A tiny trio of rock hyrax pups have been welcomed at Chester Zoo.

They were born on July 18 and have been staying out-of-sight at their rocky home in the zoo until the past few days.

The male and two female pups, whose mother is called Daissie and father is named Nungu, have not yet been named.

Zoo officials say that despite each of the fury mini mammals weighing in at no more than a banana at 250 grams, the creatures are closely related to the elephant.

Credit: Chester Zoo

Similar to an elephant, the rock hyrax has two large incisor teeth which constantly grow like tiny tusks. The structure of its skull structure and the shape of its feet are also just like its elephant ancestor, a zoo spokesman said.

Rock hyrax pregnancies last for more than seven months and the pups are born with their eyes and ears open.

They have a special eyelid for sun and dust protection and a bulge in each iris acts as a built-in sun visor.

Conservation scientists believe they have their own language made up of different sounds and tones.

The rock hyrax, which are also called 'rock rabbits', can be found in colonies across Africa and the Arabian Peninsula.