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Granada Weekend Weather - Kerrie has the detail


Outbreaks of heavy rain move eastwards with strong winds. Coastal gales will gradually ease a little, rain will be persistent through much of the day.

Further heavy pulses of rain in the south of the region will clear southeastwards, with winds easing off. A dry night for most but a few showers will be possible. Hill fog. Lows 12°C


A sunny and windy day, gusts 35-40mph for coasts and hills, with scattered showers. The showers will ease through the day, and it will feel pleasant out of the wind. Highs 21°C.


Sunshine and blustery showers once more, with showers heavier and a little more widespread, with thunder possible. Highs around average or just below. 19°C


Winds will gradually ease thereafter, fewer showers and more sunshine Monday and Tuesday. Settling down from midweek.