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Rare caterpillars at Chester Zoo destined for the wild

More than 150 rare caterpillars which have hatched at Chester Zoo are now destined for release into the wild in Manchester and Cheshire, where they have been extinct for a century. The Chester Zoo butterfly team is working to raise the caterpillars to help prevent their extinction, in partnership with the Lancashire Wildlife Trust.

Credit: Chester Zoo

After the tiny youngsters will hibernate over the winter emerging in the summer as large heath butterflies.

These adults will be the first to return to areas that their species once called home – the Astley Moss of Manchester and the Risley Moss at Warrington.

Large heath butterflies were once common across the British Isles but over the last 200 years, they have been pushed further and further north.

Large Heath butterflies were once common across the British Isles Credit: Chester Zoo