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Whaley Bridge pub unveils new ale in memory of dam chinook

All proceeds from the new golden ale will go to Buxton Mountain Rescue Credit: The Goyt Inn

A pub in Whaley Bridge has unveiled a new golden ale called Chinook in memory of the RAF helicopter which helped to secure the damaged dam.

After more than 1,500 people were evacuated from the town since August 1, Derbyshire Police said the stability of the dam wall at Toddbrook Reservoir had been achieved at 1pm on August 7 and people could return to their homes.

But the Goyt Inn, situated in the middle of the town, has decided to try and keep the memory of the evacuation alive.

The pub has said all proceeds from the ale will go to Buxton Mountain Rescue after they played their part in securing the dam.

The helicopter dropped sand bags to help secure the damaged damWHALEY BRIDGE PUB UNVEILS NEW ALE CALLED CHINOOK AFTER DAMAGED DAM SAGA Credit: PA

Speaking about when the ale would be ready, the landlord of the Goyt Inn, Tony Gunner, told the PA news agency:

I promised everybody it was going to be ready for this evening (Thursday).

"I've got 18 gallons of it to shift - I think I'll probably get rid of most of it tonight.

"I've got a feeling it's reached about 2,700 people which is massive for a little village.

– Tony Gunner, pub landlord

Addressing the reasons behind the new ale, Mr Gunner told PA: "We had this Chinook chopping across us all day every day and it was a really reassuring sound.

"The RAF were absolutely fantastic - as was everybody who helped save the dam."

Mr Gunner said the ale was provided by Halifax-based Elland Brewery.

He continued:

Originally (Elland Brewery) said we were too far away for them to deliver the ale to us.

"But then I told them the story... and they helped us out.

"I think it goes back to the same thing, everybody is doing their bit for Whaley Bridge."

– Tony Gunner, pub landlord

Unveiling the new ale to customers, Mr Gunner said in a Facebook post:

Like me, are you missing the reassuring 'whup whup' of the glorious Chinook?

"Never fear...we have sourced a golden ale from Elland Brewery called Chinook!

"This will be available from Friday and all proceeds will go to Buxton Mountain Rescue Team in thanks for their sterling voluntary work in keeping our village safe.

"So pop in, enjoy a Chinook, and help Buxton Mountain Rescue."

After the pub unveiled their new ale on Facebook, Buxton Mountain Rescue responded by saying: "This is fantastic, thank you.

"I'm sure one or two of our team members will be sampling a pint or two."

– Tony Gunner, pub landlord

In a tweet, Mountain Rescue thanked the Goyt Inn for the guesture.

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