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Stockport: Fire crews tackling large fire at Renault car showroom

Credit: Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service

Firefighters have spent the night tackling a large fire involving a Renault car showroom in Stockport.

Crews from Manchester's Fire and Rescue Service were called to the scene on St Mary's Way shortly before 1am. At its height, 14 fire engines plus special appliances were used in a bid to control the flames.

The fire, which started in the services and parts area of the building, is now under control and a significant part of the building has been saved.

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GMFRS will remain at the scene for a number of hours and the closure of St Mary's Way remains in place.

Fire investigation will be liaising with Greater Manchester Police to determine a cause.

Area Manager, Ben Levy said:

Crews have been working hard for a number of hours to tackle the fire and the good news is that it is now under control. However we will remain at the scene for a number of hours.

"Crews were focused on protecting the assets inside the building and the majority of the fire was contained to the services and parts area. Thanks to their hard work a significant part of the building was saved.

"The road closure remains in place but we are working to lift it as soon as it is safe to do so.

"Fortunately, the fire happened in the early hours of the morning and this was when the smoke was at its worst. Most of the smoke has now gone and there are no wider concerns. If there is a smell of smoke, ventilate your house, there will be no long lasting effect."

– Area Manager, Ben Levy