It's a messy mixture over the coming days. Our weather is moving in from the Atlantic. Several weather fronts will arrive from the NW, travelling SE, for the second half of the week, bringing periods of showery rain and blustery winds. Some drier and brighter spells in-between.


Wednesday: Mainly dry start. Sunny spells for the morning. Showers developing, could be heavy, merging to longer spells of rain during the afternoon. Very blustery. A general wind speed of 15-20mph but gusts could be in excess of 35mph

Thursday and Friday: Sunshine and blustery showers developing for Thursday after a dry start. A spell of early rain Friday will transfer to sunshine & showers - hit and miss. Winds 15mph, gusts 20-30mph.

Weekend: A drier and less windy story. Much smaller risk of a shower. Brighter Saturday. Cloudier skies Sunday.

Temperatures around average for the next few days. Chilly starts for Thursday, Saturday and Sunday morning.