Swimmer completes 100-mile challenge around the Isle of Man

Credit: ITV Granada Reports

A man taking on a major challenge has successfully completed his swim around the Isle of Man in 20 days.

After swimming 100 miles along the coastline, Mike Davis has returned back to the Point of Ayre.

The northernmost point of the Island where he started on 12th August.

The final stretch of the swim proved difficult after Mike got caught in a small whirlpool.

An occurrence that also has a historical link as Mike explained.

Mike encountering the seals on his first day of swimming. Credit: ITV Granada Reports

Mike took on the challenge to explore the Island’s waters after hearing about the preservation taking place to protect the Manx coast.

His mother also lives in the Isle of Man and he has family history dating back over 500 years on the Island.

Mike speaking to Joshua Stokes before setting off on the first day. Credit: ITV Granada Reports

Throughout the swim, he has had various close encounters with the local wildlife including seals, jellyfish and fulmars.

His first encounter occurred just ten minutes after entering the water on the first day where Mike had his first taste of the Island's marine wildlife.

A grey seal escorting Mike on his journey. Credit: Mike Davis
Lion's mane jellyfish taken by Mike during his swim. Credit: Mike Davis

Alongside swimming, Mike has been blogging about his journey.

He has also been raising money for the Manx Wildlife Trust and the Blue Marine Foundation.

The fundraising page can be found here.