Region's opposition MPs join protests over the suspension of Parliament

Luciana Berger was among opposition MPs who tweeted ''silenced'' signs. Credit: Luciana Berger / Twitter

After a long, wild and historic night in Westminster, when the visions planted in many people's brains were the opposition MPs' signs of "Silenced", a tweet from one parliamentarian whose career has been changed by Brexit summed up the mood for many.

"It's the end of a very long and shameful day," wrote Luciana Berger, MP for Liverpool Wavertree.

"Parliament is now closed and our democracy silenced for 5 weeks.''

Ms Berger, now a Lib Dem after defecting from the Labour Party in part because of Jeremy Corbyn's handling of Brexit, added a photo of one of the many handwritten "Silenced" signs left in the Commons, in reaction to Boris Johnson's successful move to prorogue Parliament for five weeks.

As opposition MPs staged a sit-in in the chamber, many singing songs of defiance such as the Red Flag, the tweets flew thick and fast. Angela Rayner, the Labour MP for Aston-Under-Lyne, posted a photo of an empty speaker's chair.

Yesterday's parliamentary session was the longest in the history of the UK. After the interruption of the protests, prorogation was passed at around 1.45am.