Amazing dog Wadsley changes life of woman who could drown having a shower

Credit: Liverpool Echo Syndication

A 24-year-old woman who went years without being able to shower unsupervised has had her life transformed thanks to a dog.

Brogan Evans was diagnosed with severe epilepsy when she was 17 and was left “depressed as hell” due to her condition.

Her ailment began with partial seizures, which shut down one side of her brain and caused her right arm or right leg to twitch.

Brogan’s condition gradually got worse and she started to suffer from generalised seizures which caused symptoms in her whole body.Brogan, from Birkenhead, said:

Brogan's Labrador is trained to detect when she's having a seizure. Credit: Liverpool Echo

Due to her condition, Brogan was unable to have a bath due to the possibility of her drowning.

She was also not able to shower unsupervised as that too became a drowning hazard when she blocked the plug with her shoulder during one episode.

However, Brogan’s life changed when she got her seizure alert dog, Wadsley.

She said:

Credit: Liverpool Echo

Brogan applied to Support Dogs, a charity that provides, trains and supports specialist assistance dogs, when she was 20.

However, due to huge demand, the programme was closed and she didn’t hear anything for two years.

After applying to a number of charities, Brogan was about to give up on her chance of getting a seizure alert dog. However, that week she received a phone call from Support Dogs saying they had a Labrador who could be trained to identify when Brogan was about to have a seizure via his sense of smell.

The amazing dog can give Brogan a 48-and-a-half minute warning before she has an episode.

This allows her to either get home or get to a safe place quickly before she has a seizure, whether that is a disability toilet or changing room.Her new-found independence, thanks to Wadsley, allows Brogan to play rugby with the consent of her GP.

She said: