A man has been arrested on suspicion of attempted murder after a car was driven into a crowd outside a city centre nightclub.

A group of up to 50 young men were seen brawling on Dale Street in the Northern Quarter.

A black Audi S3 was driven at the group brandishing knives, and attacking each other with pepper spray. Three people were injured.

Now GMP have confirmed to the MEN that a 32-year-old man has been arrest on suspicion of murder and disorder in connection with the incident. He has been released under investigation.

The Audi involved has still not been recovered. Police have seized some footage of part of the incident.

A "Gooch and Doddington" feud is believed to be behind the fight outside the nightclub.

A younger generation of men belonging to offshoots of the notorious 1990s gangs from the south of the city are thought to have clashed.

Police were called at 3.20am on Sunday September 8th to the Twenty Twenty Two club in the Northern Quarter after reports of people fighting.The trouble erupted after a group were thrown out of the venue at the junction of Little Lever Street and Dale Street.

The popular club and bar is known for its ping pong tables but on Saturday September 7th an urban music event was staged.

In the 1990s and early 2000s the two gangs were locked in a war causing dozens of deaths and injuries as gun crime in the city peaked in 2007 with 146 confirmed shootings. Since then gun crime in the city has dropped dramatically.

The witness says a man was flung into the path of a passing taxi after being hit by the Audi.

The two gangs splintered into different factions and groups whose history is rooted in them continue.

A bar worker - who asked not to be named - described the entire Dale Street incident.

He said: "It spilled round onto Dale Street towards Tariff Street. Then there was a noise that sounded like glass breaking, screaming, and everyone ran back.

"Thirty seconds later a black Audi swung round and smashed through the crowd. One lad was flung into the air by the car and was thrown onto another car, a white taxi that was moving."

Police have now established that a firearm was NOT fired after earlier reports that there had been a shooting during the ruckus.

Detective Inspector Claire Moss of GMP's City of Manchester Division said the incident was "shocking" and could easily have resulted in more serious injuries.