Chief Minister addresses Brexit uncertainty in the Isle of Man

Credit: ITV Granada Reports

The Isle of Man Chief Minister, Howard Quayle, has been speaking about the challenges the Island may face following Brexit.

Some of the issues include fuel prices, those trading to EU countries and people wishing to travel to and from EU countries.

A Brexit guide has been released today as part of the Isle of Man Government's preparations.

The guide details the potential impact that leaving the European Union will have on the Island, both with or without a deal.

According to the guide, leaving the EU without a deal will directly impact:

  • People who make and sell goods or agricultural products to EU countries.

  • People living in the Isle of Man who are originally from EU countries other than the UK and Ireland.

  • People living in the Isle of Man who wish to travel to EU countries.

The Isle of Man is not a Member of the European Union, however it is part of the EU Customs Territory which it will also leave, alongside the UK.

Whilst being covered by most EU rules in relation to free movement of goods, the Island is not covered in regard to free movement of people, services and investment.

Further details can be found in the guide.