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Driver flees after speeding BMW ploughs into cars in Manchester

BMW crashed into parked cars in Levenshulme Credit: M.E.N syndication

A horrified resident has described the moment a speeding BMW came careering down a residential street in Manchester and crashed into parked cars before the driver ran off.

The driver of the black BMW sped into Barlow Road in Levenshulme before crashing into a fence on Monday evening.

The car could be seen swerving across the road just seconds before crashing into the front fence of a house on the corner.

The driver and passenger of the car both got out of car and fled the scene.

Driver leaves the scene of the crash in Levenshulme Credit: M.E.N syndication

Local resident Noor Rehman said the incident happened at around 5.18pm on Monday.

He said: "I was sitting in my house and I heard a big bang. "When I went outside, two men were in the car but one had already got out. The other one ran in front of me and I was able to take a photo of him."

Mr Rehman's car was one of the four cars damaged in the incident. He says the area is in desperate need of speed bumps. "This is the third accident in the area within two weeks," he added.

Luke Geoffrey is a resident of Manor Road, which is on the opposite side of Greenbank Playing Fields from Barlow Road, and says a car crashed merely inches from his earlier this year.

"Manor Road is a major rat run and people speed through it well over the 20mph limit - more like 40mph or 50mph," Geoffrey said.

"It's poorly lit as it's next to the park and there's been at least five accidents since we moved in 15 months ago.

"It's a matter of time until someone is seriously injured or worse."