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9 things you can do about climate change

Earth is heating up Photo: PA Images

With climate change in the news every day, it can be frustrating for many of us to know how we can help the planet. Imperial College London's department for the environment and climate change, the Grantham Institute, has put together a useful guide.

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Nine things you can do:

  • Ensure our homes are running as efficiently as possible. Perhaps switch to a green tariff with your energy supplier. Turning lights and appliances off when we don't need them, and the heating down a little. Draught proof doors and windows.
  • Reduce consumption and waste. Repair and re-use clothes or furniture. Shop for long lasting, good quality items. Donate or sell unwanted items rather than throwing them away
Reduce landfill by re-using and recycling Credit: PA Images
  • Invest your money wisely. Many banks invest in fossil fuels. There are a growing number of ethical funds emerging who invest environmentally
  • Leave the car at home whenever you can. Try car sharing, public transport where possible and if you have to make car journeys, drive steadily with less aggressive accelerating and braking.
Protect and create green spaces Credit: PA Images
  • Green spaces absorb carbon dioxide, cool urban areas, reduce flood risk and benefit our health. Plant a tree, create your own green space and help protect your local parks, ponds and community gardens
  • Eat less meat and dairy. Smaller portions, particularly beef and lamb. One of the best ways we can reduce our impact on the planet. Eat more plant based foods and locally sourced, seasonal food
Fewer flights will help the planet Credit: PA Images
  • Flying is one of the fastest sources of growing greenhouse emissions. Try holidaying in the UK, or travelling by rail. For business, consider video conferencing. Standard class aircraft seats use the plane's capacity more efficiently than First or Business.
Make your voice heard, like Greta Thunberg Credit: PA Images
  • Make your voice heard. Tell your MP, local councillors and mayors that you think action on climate change is important. Steps to reduce carbon emissions will have a positive impact on other local issues like improving air quality and public health, creating jobs and reducing inequality. Find a local movement to join near you!
  • Talk to your family and friends, colleagues and clients. Conversations about climate change can promote positive lifestyle changes and shared experiences.