Manx students join climate change protests demanding action from the Isle of Man Government

Students on the Isle of Man have walked out of school to join the strike action taking place around the world.

Action is being taken by the Isle of Man Student Climate Network alongside the Isle of Man Climate Change Coalition.

The protests are being held outside Tynwald as pupils demand that the Government make commitments to tackling climate change.

Despite the Isle of Man Government announcing a 'climate emergency' earlier in the year, the activist still feel not enough is being done.

The demands:

  • For the Government to commit to being carbon neutral before 2035.

  • For the Government to create a 'green new deal'.

  • The economy to be de-carbonised and to stop investment into fossil fuels.

  • For climate change to be included in the National Curriculum.

  • For fares to be removed on public transport.

The Isle of Man has an opportunity to be a world leader in renewable electricity generation and climate mitigation strategies, paving the way to carbon neutrality. We stand here today in solidarity with the school strikers alongside the 62 other organisations around the world who have come together to demand climate justice and an end to the use of fossil fuels".

Extinction Rebellion Isle of Man
Credit: ITV Granada Reports