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Stranger pays for woman's entire food shop after seeing her upset at counter

The stranger was hailed a hero after paying for the woman's entire shopping. Credit: Liverpool Echo

A kindhearted stranger was hailed a hero after paying for a 'struggling' woman's entire shopping in an Aldi supermarket because he saw her upset at the till.

Chris Hogan, who witnessed the "incredible act" in Moreton, Merseyside, now wants to identify the man and praise him for his behaviour.

The mystery man saw a woman become upset at the checkout as she struggled to find enough change to pay for her shop on Thursday [Sept 19].

And he paid for the lot himself before modestly leaving the supermarket.

Fellow shopper Mr Hogan, 30, said:

You could see she was getting agitated. It's the classic debate of whether you take your shopping back [to the aisle] or try to pay.

"You could just tell she was getting agitated, and that's when the man came up and said 'how much do you need?' and I think that might have got her more agitated.

"And I think he could tell, so then he just offered to pay for her whole shop in full.

"He insisted because he could see she was getting agitated.

"After he paid he just went off on his way and she kept saying 'what a kind man, what a kind man'."

– Chris Hogan