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Boxer Jane Couch on fights in the ring and against personal demons

Jane Couch five-times world boxing champion Credit: ITV Granada

Today is World Mental Health Day and a woman who was a trailblazer in her sport reveals how talking helped her overcome her mental health problems.

Jane Couch from Fleetwood was the Uk's first female professional boxer.

She was five times boxing champion but Jane's biggest fight came in the courts when she took on the authorities to make it legal for women to box professionally.

Former boxers Jane Couch and Ricky Hatton say talking is the key to overcoming mental health difficulties. Credit: ITV Granada

Outside of the ring, Jane had her own personal demons to battle. She says things only improved when she opened up to friends.

I was feeling upset and down. I couldn't even get out of bed I was crying. Talking about it is really what made me better.

– Jane Couch

ITV has launched a Mental Wellness campaign Britain Get Talking to encourage families to get closer.

Anxiety and depression in children have risen by 48% since 2004.

But talking and listening can build mental wellness.

On the website there is help and advice and tips for starting conversations.