Little boy leaves adorable note on police windscreen to thank officers for 'saving lives'

An adorable thank you note was left on the windscreen of a police car by a little boy.

The message thanked officers for 'saving our lives' and was discovered underneath the wiper of a Greater Manchester Police vehicle in Manchester city centre.

It also included a drawing of an officer with a police car and a list of all the equipment they carry, including pepper spray, a radio and even a Taser.

It read:

To police officers. Thank you for saving lives and keeping us safe.

The note was addressed to Manchester Police Credit: Men Media

GMP are now hoping to track down Adam's parents so they can invite him to meet the officers.

But the cops joked that the little boy would not be allowed to test out a Taser.

Inspector Jon Middleton said: "

Dear Adam. If you are reading this I would hope someone is showing you because you are probably too young to be on Facebook/Twitter.

Inspector Jon Middleton