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An ancient oak in Liverpool woodland named Tree of the Year

The Allerton Oak tree was mentioned in William the Conqueror's Domesday Book of 1086 Credit: Woodland Trust Media Library / Simon Stickland

An ancient oak tree in Liverpool's Calderstones Park has been voted England's Tree of the Year.

The Allerton Oak is mentioned in the Domesday Book and it's said that a medieval court once met under its branches .

It’s been standing tall in Liverpool for 1,000 years but few people walking by will know it's taken the prestigious title. Ten trees were vying for the title in a competition held by the Woodland Trust.

Jon Warren, who has been a gardener at Calderstones for 48 years, told the Liverpool Echo:

“The most heartwarming and poignant story I was told when I started here is that back in WW2, an envelope with a leaf from the Allerton Oak would be sent to those fighting on the frontline.

“This was done to give them hope and remind them that Liverpool hadn’t forgotten about them.”

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