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Police investigate discovery of indecent images of children at Salford prison

Indecent images of children have been uncovered on a prison wing where sex offenders are housed.

Greater Manchester Police are investigating the discovery on a 'protection wing' at the privately-run HMP Forest Bank in Salford last week.

Officers were called to the prison on October 18 following a report that 'a number of indecent images of children had been found in the possession of an inmate at HMP Forest Bank', cops said.

The prison, which is run by Sodexo, has been hit by a series of negative headlines in recent years.

A GMP spokesperson said: "GMP’s Sex Offender Management Unit is now investigating. No arrests have currently been made."


Matt Spencer, director at HMP Forest Bank, said: “We can confirm illicit items were found following the vigilant work of our staff and have referred this incident to the police.

”The prison has a number of 'protection wings' where sex offenders and other inmates are kept away from the main prison population over fears they may be attacked.

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An inspection of the prison last month revealed that outbreaks of violence - mostly between prisoners, and much of it serious - has doubled at Forest Bank over three years.

HM Chief Inspector of Prisons, Peter Clarke, said the Salford prison had been generally well-led, competent and confident since the last inspection in 2016. But he warned that safety had 'deteriorated'.