Meet the World War Two survivor who was bombed three times

As Remembrance Sunday approaches, efforts are being made to remember the contribution of thousands of women who kept the country going on the home front, working in fields and factories.

Thelma Bradshaw from Merseyside grew up in Liverpool, and was in charge of two production lines sending tins of food to the allied troops overseas.

Thelma wears her poppy with pride.

She always remembered those who the supplies were being sent to - her brother was serving overseas, and her father had fought in the trenches of the First World War.

Thelma was bombed while watching a film at the cinema.

At the time Liverpool was coming under heavy attack from the Luftwaffe, and Thelma survived three different bombings.

Everyone was terrified of the telegraph boy coming on his bike. You'd see mothers watching him, thinking "Is it my son?"

Thelma Bradshaw

She's been speaking to our reporter Paul Crone:

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