Grange Hill could be revived - says creator Phil Redmond

Grange Hill could return to our screens, four decades after it first aired.

The children's drama series, which followed the fictional lives of secondary school children, wrapped in 2008.

It tackled a number of hard-hitting storylines from drug use to homelessness.

But the show's creator, Merseyside-born Phil Redmond, says its themes would make an even greater impact today, taking on modern issues such as social media, and climate change protests.

Speaking to the Radio Times, he said: “Yes, it could have fallen into Ofsted special measures and be threatened with closure.

"But a few of the old characters, who are now parents, or even grandparents, come together to save it as a ‘community school’.”

He continued: “Zammo could lead the campaign, remembering how his friends at school brought him back from the brink.”