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Yearly commute time in North West up by 26 hours, says report

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Commuting time in the North West rose by over 26 hours on average across the course of last year.

New research by the TUC has shown that the average daily commute is taking almost an hour, over five minutes more than a decade ago.

The North West's increase was the second-highest in the country.

The TUC blamed longer travelling times on a lack of investment in infrastructure, few opportunities to work flexibly, and wages falling while house prices have increased, making it difficult for people to live close to where they work.

TUC general secretary Frances O'Grady said: "We're now spending a whopping 221 hours a year going to and from work - valuable time which could be spent with family and friends.

"The next government must re-nationalise trains and buses to cut journey times and fares, and invest in great public transport links in every part of the country."

The TUC said its figures were based on its analysis of official figures.