A seven-year-old child has written a letter to Father Christmas asking for a house and food for her family.

The message was handed in to a "Santa postbox" at the cafe of a community centre in Liverpool.

It read "Dear Father Christmas. Can you help? Can we have a home for Christmas?

"Mam wants us to be all together, can you give us some food and can I just have just nice doll for Christmas. Thank you".

The team at Everton's L6 Community Centre say they are trying their best to help the family with basic needs such as accommodation and food.

They say they're had more than 100 referrals, and notes like these show how much some families in Merseyside are struggling.

A local footballer was also touched by the note and has offered to help.

The player, in his 20s, branded the situation a "disgrace" and said that the thought that some children go without "kills him".

He added: "I want to help so that this child can feel special and equal to other kids because they’re not inferior and may feel they’re a bad child as everyone says if you're good Father Christmas will get you what you ask for."

Councillor Gerard Woodhouse was passing the postbox when he found the upsetting note. Credit: Liverpool Echo

No wonder young people have mental health problems, it's just so sad. Unfortunately it is what we see at the L6 centre. This is just one of many that we're going to see from now until Christmas.

Councillor Gerard Woodhouse