A woman has been reunited with the former police officer who rescued her from a crushed car in Widnes more than 40 years ago.

Angela Tudor says that she will forever be indebted to former PC Kevin Milnes after the car she was a passenger in crashed into a lampost - leaving her with broken bones and head injuries.

She set out to find Mr Milnes after hearing that he had also been involved in a serious car crash ten years later.

Kevin was pursuing a suspect in icy and foggy conditions when he lost control of his car.

It left him with severe brain damage, and he retired from the Cheshire police force.

Although Kevin did not recognise Angela at first during their reunion, by the end "something clicked in Kevin’s mind", and he was able to recall the precise location of the crash.

It was a highly emotional experience meeting Kevin again after all these years.

Angela Tudor

Kevin said he also enjoyred the reunion, adding “It is nice thinking back about all the people I helped whilst doing the job, including Angela.”