1. ITV Report

Windy weekend continues. Drier, brighter Monday

a windswept Crosby. Credit: STEVE MULVILLE


A very windy day, with scattered blustery showers throughout the region, including the risk of hail and thunder at times. Also the risk of coastal gales. Highs 8°C.

Further showers into the evening. During the early hours the showers and skies will clear, making it feel chilly, as the winds swing round to the north yet remain strong. Lows 4°C.


A clear and dry day with plenty of sunshine. With winds easing throughout, it will be a bit more pleasant than Sunday. Highs 7°C.


Milder, with heavy rain and strong winds throughout Tuesday. Colder with blustery showers on Wednesday. Wintry on hills Showers or rain on Thursday.