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Teenager awarded for 'remarkable' bravery after tackling knifeman in clown mask

Callum was given the Superintendent's Award for Bravery. Credit: MEN Media

A teenager has been praised for "remarkable" bravery after prising a 12 inch knife away from a man wearing a clown mask.

Callum Matts was with friends in a park in Salford when he spotted the masked offender running towards them.

Mathieu Lucas wore this mask and armed himself with a kitchen knife.

Callum said he "acted instinctively" - moving towards the danger instead of running away. He managed to dodge the knife as it was swung towards his abdomen.

The attacker - who was later named as Mathieu Lucas - fell to the ground.

Callum and friends stood on his wrist to wrest the knife away, and called the police.

Callum was given the Superintendent's Award for Bravery.

It hit me later that the situation was very serious, because I had no time to think about it as it all happened so quickly.

A young man came up to me afterwards and said: 'You didn't have to do that - you saved my life.' Apparently he had been threatened by the man before he encountered us - it was quite hard hitting to say the least.

– Callum Matts

Callum, a University of Chester student from Manchester, has now been presented with Greater Manchester Police's District Superintendent's Award for Bravery after his "heroic" actions that night.

Thinking only of those around him, he took control of the situation and safely detained the male, ensuring he couldn't cause any harm to anyone

– Andrew Sidebotham, District Superintendent for GMP

Lucas, was sentenced to two years and four months in jail after he pleaded guilty to possessing an imitation firearm with intent to cause fear or violence; and to threatening with a blade.