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Endangered river stingray born at Bolton Aquarium

Credit: Bolton Aquarium

An endangered stingray has been born at Bolton Aquarium in the centre's first successful breeding programme of the animal.

Staff were delighted to discover that one of the female Brazilian river stingrays, had given birth to a baby male ray.

The baby ray, who has not been named yet, was only about 12cm diameter when he was born.

He is now a few weeks old but cannot go on display just yet.

The ray is being cared for in a rearing tank until he is large enough to be reintroduced to the main tank, which should be in about six weeks’ time.

Collections Access Officer Pete Liptrott said: “We are delighted to welcome a baby male ray to the aquarium.

"We don’t know which one of the females give birth but we spotted signs of mating in August and September.

"We would also like to thank Pier Aquatics in Wigan who originally donated the rays to us and are now supporting us in caring for the new arrival."

Bolton Aquarium has three Henle’s River Ray – their natural habitat is threatened by climate change, dams overfishing and destruction of the Amazon.