Merseyside Police launch 'blade-free' campaign in fight against knife crime

Merseyside Police have launched a new knife crime campaign called #BladeFree to try and make communities in the county safer.

Police say they have launched the campaign, alongside their partners, as they have seen many people seriously injured or killed as a result of knife crime in Merseyside in the last few years.

The campaign is designed to help young people steer clear of knife crime and other violent crimes by providing support and opportunities through activities such as sport, music and theatre.

The campaign is part of the regional initiative "Our Merseyside."

Police have said that this is designed to build the confidence and aspirations of young people, as well as improving their practical skills and increasing their employability.

Credit: Merseyside Police

Assistant Chief Constable Jon Roy said: "We are hugely aware of the impact of knife crime on victims, their families, friends and our communities."

He added: "We often hear that young people feel they have no opportunities, or that they’re bored, that they even carry knives for protection or because it’s deemed the ‘norm’ – but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

"Merseyside is full of passionate people who are doing huge amounts of good work in their local neighbourhoods to educate, divert and influence young people away from knives and other violent crimes and we should do everything in our power to support and share their work."

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Police and Crime Commissioner Jane Kennedy said: "We know people across Merseyside want to take action to prevent the use of blades of all kinds and #BladeFree will help us to join forces across all communities and age groups.

"I would ask everyone to use the hashtag, join the campaign, pledge your support, share its messages and play your part in making Merseyside a safer place for all."