Rare sea snail found in Manx waters for the first time in 181 years

A sea snail, that has not been seen in Manx waters since 1838, has been spotted for the first time in 181 years.

The grooved top shell snail, also known as Jujubinus striatus, was caught on camera by divers in the Langness Marine Nature Reserve at Fort Island Gully.

They were studying the carbon-reducing plant eel grass when they saw the snail attached to a stem in an eel grass meadow.

Credit: Isle of Man Government

It is thought to be the first time the tiny snail has been found alive since it was last recorded by Manx marine biologist, Edward Forbes.

The discovery now confirms the most-northerly distribution of the living snail in the British Isles.

It is typically only found in the Mediterranean and only as far north as Anglesey and Dublin Bay.

The species will be added to the National Biodiversity Network Atlas Isle of Man which is an online database containing all organisms recorded on the Island.