Boa constrictor snake caught by police in Wirral flat

Merseyside Police say their officers were left 'flabbergasted' when they were called to a flat on the Wirral to reports of a snake in the bathroom.

The occupant of the first floor flat called police just after 1am on 30 December 2019 and when they arrived they found themselves confronted by a 6ft-8ft Boa constrictor.

Neither the woman occupant of the flat, or her neighbour knew where the snake had come from.

The reptile has been temporarily re-homed. Credit: Merseyside Police

Police say after doing some online research the officers were confident that the snake was a Boa constrictor and wasn't poisonous. They called a number of organisations to help them recover the reptile safely, but they were unable to attend, so they called on fellow officer Constable Chris Eastwood, from the Matrix team.

Constable Eastwood has knowledge of snakes and was able to calmly approach the reptile, which had wrapped itself around the bathroom sinks and taps, and after giving it a drink of water was able to coax it to unravel itself so that he could put it into a large, safe container.

Police then made arrangements to have the snake temporarily housed at a local pet rescue facility. The snake has been temporarily re-homed and is doing well.

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