A man from Liverpool has been commended by the rapper Stormzy after he found the rightful owner of an expensive bike he bought for £80.

Ste Burke posted a picture on Twitter showing a bike he had bought that still had a lock on it.

He said that he had purchased the bike to give it back to his rightful owner and that apparently the bike was from the Crosby area.

A few hours later Ste posted to say: "Was messaged on here by someone and it ended up being the fellas who’s bike it was.

"He had the key to the bike lock and all the paperwork to go with it. Ended up being from dovecot."

Ste Burke said that red flags were raised when three men carrying the bike approached him. Credit: @SteBurke44

Mr Burke said that the man was made up to get his bike back as he had spent £1250 on it last year.

Ste's efforts have gone 'viral' on Twitter with over 9,000 people retweeting the thread of tweets, which attracted the attention of Stormzy, who commended him for what he had done.

Ste said that he noticed something was wrong when he was approached by three men carrying the bike, which is why he decided to put it on Twitter.

He added: "When the tweet went viral a girl who knows the guy who’s bike it was messaged me via twitter and told me it was his bike as he was upset over losing it and he had Facebook posts up.

"So she sent his number across and I got in touch and put it in my car and drove it to his home about 6/7 miles away."

Ste's good deed was also noticed by the bike shop Halfords, who have said that he is welcome to come and choose some wheels of his own from their shop.