Cheshire girl with eczema now models new clothing range

Macy suffered with eczema so severe she “didn’t want to look at herself in the mirror any more”.

Her mum, Maxine, says people used to stop and stare at her little girl in the street.

But she says Macy has overcome all her obstacles – and now, aged eight, she’s the face of a range of eczema-friendly clothing at M&S.

Credit: MEN Syndication

Macy's mum says her little girl first began to suffer with eczema, which would cause her skin to crack and flare up, when she was just three months old.

She says people would often stop and stare at her daughter in the street and make rude comments, which caused the youngster to become embarrassed by what she looked like.

Credit: MEN Syndication

People would stop me and say: ‘Has she got chicken pox?’ People don’t realise how hard it is. “Macy would ask why people are staring and then she stopped looking in the mirror, she would just refuse to look at herself.” At school, she is allowed to wear a cotton uniform, rather than polyester, and her school friends, who have known her since Reception, even help the youngster not to scratch her skin. Maxine, who has been “moved to tears” by how kind and supportive Macy’s classmates are, said: “Her school and headteacher have been really understanding and she has never been bullied.”

Maxine Foley-Speakman, Macy's mum

But the real turning point for Macy was when she was at home, watching TV, and said to her mum: “no-one looks like me”.

So, instead of becoming down about her condition, Macy decided she wanted to take it in her stride and try to become a model – championing eczema.

And, when the Eczema Outreach Support charity came into her school, she took the opportunity to approach the team.

They contacted M&S, who were looking for someone to promote their Dreamskin range of clothing and bedding for people with sensitve skin.