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'Changing Places' campaigners celebrate victory over accessible toilets in hospitals

Campaigners who have fought to highlight how a lack of fully accessible toilets are blighting the lives of more than a quarter of a million people in the UK are celebrating after securing a government funding pledge.

Changing Places allow disabled people to use the toilet safely - as they come with adult sized changing mats and hoists - though most public buildings do not have the facilities, which has confined many people to their homes.

People say they have to be changed on toilet floors or in cars without spaces like these.

Fi Anderson runs two charities and is raising a family - but in order to go about her busy day, she can only allow herself a couple of sips of water before the leaves the house - as she cannot guarantee that suitable toilets will be available when she's out and about.

She says the thirst can be like "torture" and says the dehydration has led to a number of health problems and a high rate of infections.

Fi Anderson has to severely restrict her water consumption before leaving the house.

Now, ten NHS Trusts have applied for a share of £500,000 to install the vital facilities, including the Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

It's welcome news to a frequent patient there, Zack Kerr, who has campaigned tirelessly for more Changing Places in public spaces.

Two years ago he won his fight for disabled changing facilities at service stations.

Campaigner Zack Kerr has welcomed the news.

When I was younger, my mum often had to change me on a toilet floor, and so many other parents of disabled children are still in the same position today.

Everyone is entitled to dignity and privacy when using a toilet. None of us know whether we might become disabled at some point in our lives.

– Zack Kerr

£1.5 million pounds remains available to other hospital trusts though a matched funding scheme.