1. ITV Report

Granada Weather - Wintry hazards in the forecast


Rain clearing eastwards through the afternoon. Turning drier from the west with some sunshine. Mild at first, colder later.

Dry and clear at first overnight, with a rural frost. Showers spread eastwards into the early hours of Monday, possibly wintry - more likely to fall as snow over Cumbrian and Lancashire/N Yorks. Pennines.

Warning - Temperatures hovering around 0 °C. The Met Office has a warning in place for ICE midnight until 10am Monday.


Tricky start in places for Monday morning commuters. It will be a breezy day with a mixture of sunshine and scattered showers. Some of these could be heavy with hail and thunder, and possibly wintry on hills. Feeling cold. Highs 5-7°C.


Further rain/showers are likely to move in Monday evening and overnight - giving a light dusting of snow over northern hills and once more bringing the risk of ice on untreated surfaces.

Staying cold and breezy on Tuesday with sunshine and showers, again possibly wintry on hills. Dry at first on Wednesday before rain spreads eastwards later, and milder. Remaining changeable Thursday.