Rochdale child rapist who fled to Pakistan is finally jailed

A man who was involved in child sexual exploitation in Rochdale has finally been jailed, after fleeing the country to escape justice.

Choudhry Hussain went on the run in 2015 and was sentenced in his absence to 19 years in prison.

He was arrested in Pakistan and brought back to the UK yesterday.

An extra eight months was added to his jail term at Manchester Crown Court.

With assistance from national and international crime agencies, Greater Manchester Police have been pursuing Hussain ever since he fled.

He had been given permission to leave his trial by the judge after claiming he wanted to go to a relative's funeral in the UK, but instead left for Pakistan.

Hussain was arrested as part of Operation Doublet, launched in the wake of the Rochdale grooming scandal.

He was charged with a number of serious sexual offences, including rape and sexual activity with a child.

"I have absolutely no doubt at all that your willingness to flee the jurisdiction meant that the victim of your wicked offending will have been caused harm in knowing that you had a concerted attempt to avoid the consequences of having seriously sexually abused them. "You added insult the most appalling insult to their most appalling injuries."

Judge John Potter

Gemma Maxwell, defending, said Hussain had had a 'very difficult experience' while in custody in Pakistan.

"He has been subject to bullying and a lot of violent assaults," she said.

"This is about a victim who was abused horrendously, who had to endure a trial, give evidence, and then watch one of her abusers flee.

Det Supt Jamie Daniels