Dippy the Dinosaur exhibition opens in Rochdale

The Natural Museum’s famous dinosaur, Dippy, opened in Rochdale today, as his tour of the UK reached the North West.

The famous Diplodocus cast left the Natural History Museum for the first time in 2018 to embark on a national tour, with Rochdale being the only place in the North West to host the dinosaur.

Dippy can be seen at Number One Riverside with an accompanying exhibition on show at the Touchstones Rochdale museum and art gallery.

Nine-year-old Sophie Roberts had the honour of putting the final toe-bone onto the exhibit after she won a competition.

Credit: ITV News

Sophie created her own dinosaur called the Giraffosaurus, made from recyclable materials, to win the contest.

She was joined by her friends from her year five class at Healey Primary school for the grand opening of the exhibit.

Sophie said: "I'm so pleased I won the competition to put the final toe bone on Dippy the Dinosaur.

"I loved designing and creating my own dinosaur. Friends from my class have thanked me for winning.

"We are so excited, as it means we are the first people to see Dippy in Rochdale."

Credit: ITV News

Director of the Natural History Museum London, Sir Michael Dixon, said: "It has been a joy to see the enthusiasm with which Dippy has been welcomed to Rochdale.

"Dippy will take pride of place in the council’s energy-efficient offices, Number One Riverside, which incorporate renewable and low carbon technology.

"This is a fitting venue for Dippy who has become an ambassador for the natural world, engaging audiences of all ages in conversations about our crucial role in the future of the planet."

“We hope that visitors will be inspired and leave with an increased awareness of the steps we can take to help protect the natural world.

Dippy is a plaster cast replica of the fossilised bones of a Diplodocus. Credit: ITV News

More than 30,000 pupils, from schools as far afield as Derbyshire, Burnley and St Helen’s have already booked their free tickets to see Dippy.

Dippy is a plaster cast replica of the fossilised bones of a Diplodocus found by railroad workers in Wyoming, USA in 1898.

  • Video report by Paul Crone

He is one of 10 replicas of the original Diplodocus carnegii, commissioned by King Edward VII and sent to museums in cities around the world, including Paris, Berlin, Vienna, and Moscow.

He was on display at the Natural History Museum for over 100 years, after being unveiled in 1905.

Dippy will be in Rochdale until the 28 June and you can find all of the information about him and the accompanying exhibition here.