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Vehicles from past and present to go on display in Liverpool

Vehicles past and present make up the display. Credit: Gareth Jones

National Museums in Liverpool has put together an eclectic collection of vehicles ranging from bicycles to horse-drawn carriages.

It's designed to paint a social history of transport in and around the city, Visitors can expect to see bicycles, carts and cars.

From a Rushton Velocipede (1870) to a Range Rover Evoque (2012), each object is used as a gateway to tell the story of Liverpool’s impressive transport history.

One of the cars on display. Credit: Gareth Jones

Also on display are a bright yellow Ford Escort MK1 complete with fluffy dice, a horse-drawn milk cart, and a rare AER motorcycle.

Sharon Brown, Curator of Land Transport & Industry said:

“I’m excited we are having a transport exhibition at the Museum of Liverpool. Many of these vehicles have never been on display or have not been seen for a long time. It’s a great opportunity to showcase the vehicles that have been made in Liverpool and the remarkable manufacturing history of the city. “I love the contrast between the Vulcan Motorcar of 1910 and the Range Rover Evoque, with one hundred years between them, both have the same basic principle but are so different in design and technology.”

– Sharon Brown, Curator of Land Transport & Industry
"The Millionth Escort" Credit: Museum of Liverpool