Laxey resident fears village "will flood again" if new access gate is installed

A decision to build a river access gate, directly in front of houses destroyed by flooding is causing a row on the Isle of Man.

Giles Ackerley is campaigning against the project taking shape directly outside his property.

He is still living in temporary accommodation after a flood wiped out his home in October last year.

He says the decision to build the gate will leave him feeling unsafe in his own home.

The access gate is taking shape directly outside Giles' property. Credit: ITV Granada Reports

Giles lived in Laxey with his parents before being forced to live in temporary accommodation after the flood.

He has said the communication with the Department of Infrastructure has been "absolutely dreadful" and that he has not been consulted on the construction of the gate.

The parliamentary representative for Laxey, Martyn Perkins, believes the gate is necessary.