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Coastguard warning about the dangers of mud flats at Crosby

Safety teams on Merseyside are calling on people out and about enjoying the coast this coming half term to be mindful of the terrain and take precautions to avoid getting in trouble.

Search and rescue agencies continue to see a rise in incidents of people cut off by the tide and stuck in mud. One particular hot spot being Crosby beach.

The RNLI says the issue with Crosby beach is that the mud can appear or disappear quickly. An area of the beach that may have been safe/mud free during the start of someone’s walk could very well be a risk when they return over the same ground 10-30 mins later.

There have been a number of rescues over the last 12 months that have involved lifeboat crews, the coastguard and the fire service.

Men trapped in mud and high tides

Teenager rescued from mud