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Hashem Abedi Trial: Jury shown CCTV footage of Manchester Arena attacker

CCTV footage of Salman Abedi days before the Manchester Arena attack. Credit: Greater Manchester Police

The jury in the trial of Hashem Abedi has been shown CCTV footage of his brother, Salman, just days before the Manchester Arena attack.

The prosecution showed the jury footage of Salman Abedi at Manchester airport on the 18th of May.

They say he'd just returned from Libya and once through he bought a sim card at WHSmith before getting the bus to Wythenshawe.

The court then heard how he then booked a cab under the name of Sal, which picked him up at Wythenshawe police station car park.

Salman Abedi getting out of a taxi. Credit: Greater Manchester Police

The prosecution says Salman Abedi also went address in Rusholme and approached a Nissan Micra, and possibly opens the boot.

It's alleged by the prosecution chemical were stored in a Nissan Micra whilst Salman was out of the country.

The CCTV ended with him viewing a flat in Granby Row in the city centre, the court heard he later rented it for two weeks under the name Sam Abdi.

A handwritten note that Salman Abedi gave his landlady. Credit: Greater Manchester Police

A statement was read from the landlady who said she "couldn't believe the person responsible for the atrocity was staying in her apartment."

She said: "I showed him into the apartment. I got the impression he wasn't particularly interested - he wasn't asking questions or making any positive comments.

"After I showed him around, he asked when he could move in. This took me somewhat by surprise."

Earlier, jurors heard that father-of-two Aimen Elwafi sub-let his council flat in Somerton Court, Blackley, Manchester, to Salman Abedi in March and April 2017 - property prosecutors say was used to make home-made explosives.

The inside of the flat at Somerton Court that the Abedi brothers rented. Credit: Greater Manchester Police

Mr Elwafi said he was "so angry" at the state his flat had been left in, with Abedi departing two weeks before the end of the agreed two-month period, that he intended to call him and complain.

He said there was a "strong, funny smell" in the property, a little like petrol and diesel, and found there were water bottles filled with cloudy liquid in the freezer, the electricity had been switched off, and a mattress, sleeping bags and a blanket had been left behind.

Mr Elwafi said Abedi "left the flat in a hurry" in mid-April and called him from the airport.

Hashem Abedi denies 22 counts of murder, one count of attempted murder encompassing the injured survivors, and conspiring with his brother to cause explosions.

The trial was adjourned until Monday.